Group Profile

Digital、integration、benefit .Qianjiang refrigeration promotes transformation and upgrading and is committed to comprehensive, diversified and three-dimensional development of the group.

Group Industry

Qianjiang refrigeration is a diversified group company with machinery manufacturing, trade market and property management as its pillar industries, and real estate development and capital investment as its integral whole.

Group Culture

The enterprise culture is the value with the characteristics of qianjiang recognized by all employees, and it is the sum of the enterprise's operating principles, operating style, enterprise spirit, ethics and development goals.

Talent Strategy

The competition of enterprises, in the final analysis, is the competition of talents. Human resources are the key factors to enhance the core competition of enterprises and ensure the sustainable development of them. With the growth of the group and the expansion of the industry, the demand for all kinds of talents has becoming urgent.
  • Magnanimous、large-minded,To be innocent, justice,upright and uncorrupted.
  • Studying skills, learning technology, work hard, serious, careful and Know to make a change by mistake ,remember that "little strokes fell great oaks."
  • Observe professional ethics,have good manner,high IQ and emotional intelligence.
  • Down-to-earth, pursuing excellence
    If others say something, they have to confirm that they should not make a hasty decision so that they can figure out a person and understand one thing. The work assigned by the superiors is considered to be correct and does not compromise; if not, make suggestions or opinions immediately.
  • Reflect positive energy, strengthen performance appraisal
    Speaking with data and results unswervingly, reflecting achievements and performance, this is positive energy. Strengthening performance appraisal,dispense reward and punishment impartially, seeking truth from facts, and treating everyone equally. [The faster the work is done, the better the person should be rewarded (include spiritual and material reward)]
  • Clear goal, strengthen time concept
    In the era of informationization and the Internet, the key to doing things is to clarify goals, clear ideas, find directions, and strengthen time concepts.
  • Be good at discovering
    Race against the time, be good at constantly regulating the company's rules and regulations, contract agreements, document notices, internal control standards and contact lists. If you make a mistake, modify it immediately and cherish the sunk cost.

Qianjiang Spirit: Based on the ordinary, the pursuit of excellence!

  • Sense of responsibility
    Responsibility is more important than Mount Tai. concentrate on your own job, undertake the task of the superior, and complete the business plan. Be responsible for the company, family, and yourself.
  • Team work
    Strengthen team awareness and work together to make the company to be better. The benefit of the enterprise is good, and personal treatment and welfare will be better.
  • Executive consciousness
    Execution is a top priority. It is necessary to strengthen the sense of execution, set goals, determine time, and focus on results.
  • Innovative
    Institutional, technological, and management innovation. In a word, reform and innovation.
  • Basic Quality
  • Work attitude
  • Employment policy
  • Basic Quality
    character refers to a person's moral level , relatively stable, excellent, characterful psychological characteristics or psychological tendencies expressed by him/herself, family, enterprise, and society.
    High quality, including physical , psychological, and social quality.
    Physiological quality: good health;
    Psychological quality: mental health, positive thinking, high emotional intelligence, good mentality;
    Social quality: high moral character, exquisite workmanship and first-class skills.
    To be honest and trustworthy. Honesty, is to be honest, sincere, tell the truth, do practical things, not to violate your will, hypocritical,pretend, to talk face to face ;Honesty and faithful, not only requires honesty and reliability, does not brag, have empty talk, or lie to someone, but also requires honesty. Reliable, keep your promises, be consistent in words and deeds, and not bully.
    Keeping promises is to be convinced, to be convinced, to be ethical, to abide by the spirit of the contract, and to be honest and trustworthy. Credit is a positive record of past commitments. It takes a long time to accumulate trust and integrity and easy to lose. The credit accumulated over decades is sometimes lost because of words and deeds.
    Magnanimous,large-minded,and enterprising; can prepared for both promotion and demotion and suffer losses.
    Integrity is to To be innocent, justice,upright and uncorrupted.
    I can suffered hard, gained strength, my life has goals, I am not lazy, degraded and lost.
  • Work attitude
    Unity is to help others, to be good, to see others have difficulties, never hit a man when he's down,not to stand by and to actively provide help and support.
    See more, learn more, listen more, through continuous practice, transcend self, break through the self, have a strong inner desire to pursue progress, self-improvement, low-key modesty.
    Work proactively, have a spirit of initiative, have a sense of ownership, have an aggressive, hard-working, and motivated.
    Self-discipline, hard work, responsibility, strict self-discipline, self-criticism, self-reflection, both the awareness of finding our own deficiencies, and the actions to correct our own deficiencies.
    Have a certain level of professional skills, have a considerable level of professionalism, either know technology, or manage, or have expertise, or have a life-saving skills.
  • Employment policy
    1.With the above seven basic qualities, you can base yourself on the family, based on the enterprise, and based on the society.
    2.With the above 12 basic qualities and work attitudes, you can do things, create value, benefit for the family, create benefits for the company, and contribute to the society. Keep in mind that "Golden Cup and Silver Cup can not show a candle to good reputation.” If things are done well, you can win the excellent evaluation of bystanders, establish prestige, and fame and fortune.
    3.The above-mentioned employees who do not have the above 12 points are poor character, low quality, narrow chest,.Not honesty and credit, work is not active, no sense of responsibility, no skill, can't eat a loss, can't eat bitter.Those who do not correct, do not learn, and do not advance, these people will eventually be eliminated by the enterprisecand society, They only blame themselves, can not blame the boss, blame the company.